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Transformer CMS

Back-end developers sometimes creates its own CMS framework in different reasons. It's basically seem superfluous because WordPress Joomla Drupal and Moodle available, and other less popular content management facility.

Why created custom content manager?

In my case, the main reason is that I had to learn the advanced programming methodologies. Even worked for over 20 years DBase / Clipper, Pascal and Basic, Visual Basic, for web Perl and PHP + databases eventually, the programming methodology has recently evolved very strongly. I started this system has a functional code so that when I receive an order, be an easily expandable basis. Now, this "traditional" coding method is no longer acceptable, so I had to re-write it all with OOP / MVC approach. There is no doubt that now (on 07/18/2014) are functional codes available in the system, but within two months, the functional codes will be rewrite to OOP / MVC methods.

Even worked for over 20 years DBase / Clipper, Pascal and Basic, Visual Basic, Perl and PHP eventually, the programming methodology has recently evolved very strongly.
The more organized approach OOP code in the system, easier to expand or alter the benefits of reuse for
OOP approach organized program parts faster and easier to make specific demands Extend possibilities in the content management system so as to enable the easy development is retained for later

Why develop own CMS system?

Since the first of the new programming approaches to learn and practice was the goal, so from this point of view, even if it does not exist a website where it operates. The prepared OOP class-es for database management section can also be used in other similar works, shop or inventory manager. Yet it turns out in practice to be used whether the development, if it works out publicly for a few different items, such as elucidated in the bugs and building up the new demands. Therefore, if a request is development, which in some parts of the components of this system can be applied, which I will build a lot of them to save time.

Content management system is one of the friendliest's Editor in HTML, the MarkItUp equipped with puncture and blending facilities

Most of the operation of the program, as unregistered user does not seem the admin interface, but I show pictures about admin interface, and most of this work. It is important that the operator can use the flexibility of a custom development and to expand as more specific purposes. For this reason, especially not prepare private sites or blog, but small corporate purposes, primarily for the approach to be able to create program in PHP for dynamic content, to any single developer according to individual needs. Therefore, there is a little chaos in the admin panel from the simplest RTF / HTML editor development tools and for programmers to complex editor interface available. So who simply publish the text need a simple tool, who build complex programs of the page need complicated programming options.

The self-designed content management

Another big advantage to be much more transparent and knowable as a system developed by others. For my part, I like the WordPress / Joomla / Drupal CMS systems, but they are usually asked to be tailored to individual design after installation. This case is definitely more work to mean the system itself, which, moreover, varies over time, you need to know before implementing the changes. Along with this, there is no doubt that these systems have been widely used and known, in many cases, this property is that they are not a substitute for an unknown system better than what I alone can see through them. However, if someone does not choose the well-known systems, easy to develop a "raw" alternative to use my framework.

Is different from known systems?

If the developer's name is Primere, the product is called Transformer CMS. It has become the emblem, about the name I will write elsewhere

As I wrote, keep the good systems, but they are modified only as logical as the need to look to reshape, and in many cases this is due to the lengthy and cumbersome encounter different situations CSS selectors with the same name. The systems are essentially no spread, so as not to use it figured out (WordPress is often operates as a online magazine, or a shop, but was originally just a blog engine), so almost immediately after the installation the modification / expansion occurs. This expansion options, I would like to own my system simpler and more flexible, to do that they are not incompatible or encounter solutions in it, subject to a few rules of the inexperienced is a unique look able to send the contents, and solve the operational part of the system, without a deeper understanding of the system as convenient online interface.

Other aims

Own system is not designed to be universal and suitable base for anything, although there is no doubt that because of the experiment it is quite a lot of options, expanding the possibilities for use. The admin interface such as the menu item content to be written into the text editor, seven types can be produced. Obviously, if it is lot, possible to limit it, but I wanted to try all the best to see the benefits.

7 kinds of text and HTML editing software makes it possible to produce and edit content

On the other hand, is primarily intended for corporate and small business portal, a purely private or commercial appearance to promote only a secondary goal. Especially suitable for sites with content-based vertical or horizontal portals and online magazines, a company products page showing more complex and can expand active or expanded services.

The pre-planned menu items appear only in the admin interface, the user's side only if there is added content. The content can be text, image portfolio, gallery, as indicated by the icons next to menu items.

My goal with the program is also complicated and complex content is easy sortable despite the complexity, transparent organization structure. The text boxes in place of, a lot of text embedded image galleries and portfolios easy and fast development of the editable object.

This program can handle multilingual content by default so that the translation can only be placed to the content editor of the menu system. The country flags must be uploaded, but the appearance of new content automatically provisions are. The language versions of the system menu, header graphics, optional cover and structure of the sub-menus can be different. These preparation takes a long time, so the menu items prepared in advance will only appear when the content has been uploaded. such as uploading articles automatically added to the menu system, which automatically detects and indicates when the article gallery or portfolio are linked, or if the item is simply a gallery.

The business aspects of appearance, knowing the production of content for these purposes I'm trying to restore the system. First of all I would like to bypass the disadvantages and difficulties in the way such systems are known, in spite of the complexity of content simple and logical framework must be a function not only of the user but also the admin panel.

Gallery about system

In order to allow entry without a picture of the operation of the program, a screen built gallery with images you can view options for the administrator, the environment and what this program is about:

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