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Content production

I think all businesses and organizations, today the Internet presence (and community presence) "required" to stay ahead. Despite this, there is no interesting content to the public, which makes it inefficient.

The process starts with planning

The first step in the process look for someone to invent and produce content on a future page. There are plenty of websites you've apparently is content, but it seems that this production was not preceded by any design. In many cases, this plan are trying to compensate for interface graphics, and any content, or completely formulaic and uninteresting, the exterior design and the production of multiple time investing. From the website will not even mimic of planning, since the (supposedly) well-designed exterior alone is not a substitute for visits to interesting content. There are very few areas in which the appearance of the primary web page, one viewpoint. Visual artists, painters, photographers, designers can do web content with new bleeding edge technologies and images only. Other business operators who are not creative or artistic activities and businesses not operating as a gallery for companies, the external duct main goal is to produce and design the text content of interest to visitors.

In my view, the majority of the sites through the planning process, these mistakes fall into eternal uninteresting.

Because of the design process and the lack of content related to web design look behind waiting for results, not just financial results will not be, but not visitors. Then start again from the interface makeover, or like-hunting on the social web, but since it still does not compensate for missing or irrelevant content, the design will be a lot worse trying. In my view, the majority of these sites through the planning process mistakes eternal uninteresting sinking.

The content and design process

Of course, also part of the content of the image and many others (embed film), so it is no longer talking about a text-only content. Yet somewhere in the text is the most important thing is all the more because of this, and only this will be indexed by Google. For this reason, only pointless thing to think about (Flash content already not constitute sufficient amount of textual content, you're back to a small group of visual artists, cartoon authors, musicians who is still somewhat relevant, if only to build a gallery of creative work).

This raises the question of who writes the content. As far as the owners of the business is not willing, and outsource it to someone (colleague or agency), or never made ​​it or the one aspect that will be short because it finished soon. Content written by outsider professional agency will not be sufficient, which is really adept at the art (except to his own, largely through advertising, at best, yet any form of communication) what must tell a generating company website?

The text content "consequences"

The complete text content menu system determines the necessary system and makes it easier for the visual and multimedia design

Once you have the text content can speed up the design process. Maybe because before that instead of "placeholder text" grey pictures and patches, but then it turns out that the written text is usually entirely different scope and structure, so the placeholder text and the ideal size gray patches can not be applied to it. Therefore, you should re-design the whole thing. I see no drawback to the design is made only after the creation of the finished content. It does not take a lot of time, so why not be a delay.

The content of the system determines the structure of the website. This has long been invented rules, the structure and the depth of on a separate page, write about it. Once finished the text, and the text are collected Embed illustrations, and should be worth considering how to expand the site other elements. This could be the topic switch image in many image should organize these separate gallery, the article does not have an endlessly scrolling image set. Be prepared to look for embedded movies, in rare cases, sound recordings.

I would like everyone to dissuade the automatic starting of multimedia content, a playback of a movie on the page automatically pushes it all to the lowest category. The minimal chance that the majority of visitors to tolerate this.

The half-finished website will not be successful, so if the first plan will not be fully carried out, the damage can begin.

Finally, it is worth considering, because the site can be made ​​active. A website is not a static electronic version of printed brochure or catalogue. The content server can be programmed, this system allows for a lot of the content and the side bar as well. It is important to think about whether it makes sense to use the most common programs:

User Access ControlUser rights, such as: editor, columnist, author, administrator, customer, client, supplier, consultant, manager, project manager, etc. ...Newsletter, newsletter subscription option (the character to avoid spam!)Searchable products CatalogWebshopLanguage versions of content, translationsMessaging optionSpecial operator options for administratorCustom developmentBe in the content or services that can be achieved only edit or proper rights

If they have a sense of what the website operator activities most of it answered, they can also be set. Saves a lot of these websites, and if successful, the party-state would build only the active functions. The half-finished website will not be successful, so if the first plan is not fully carried out, the damage can begin.