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Organize, structure

The developer or contractor you may want to start work, at least when the text content is available in a form which no longer have to make large amount of adjustments. Against this background, the menu system is configured, you can begin creating a pictorial illustrations.

Solution from 1996...

The useful method for organization of the content have been invented long ago, and this is similar to an inverted pyramid (link...). This article written in 1996, with two upgrades. The website content is organized in the menu system, as a tech book has a logical structure multilevel index, or multi level table of contents. Along with the number of levels should not be high (no more than 3). If a lot of article uploaded, another level may use the main menu / sub-sub-sub-menus. If 3th level of contents not enough, the 4th or 5rd level of articles have to be linked from the "parent" article, as opposed to create a fourth level in the menu system.

The design of the levels

The main menu will be the main subject groups, or columns of these categories can be called (as WordPress calls it). For small amounts of processed content to be a one-tier system which is sufficient to include only the main menu. A short corporate presentation or a personal portfolio of these can be. If you can hold, the more important elements graphics (icons, pictures) can be ordered, we do not, we attach a text link. If only one-level menu system, the graphics can be trusted the most important topics, so in this case it is possible to prioritize preserving the advantages of the simplicity of a one-tier structure.

If it is not sufficient for an adequate level of TOC menu, the main menu heading into next column (categories) which is located more articles. Headings in this organization, appearance, given specific "front page" is not the same as the overall appearance and structure of articles. A good solution may be different if the subjects are given different categories or headings processor architecture or design. Not a good thing when a column (Category) front page contains all articles (or most recent five...) placed on the subject appears in its entirety in a row, because it is frivolous, blog-like effect. The official page of small business or e-magazines have to be different than a personal blog. The categories of articles have to be formatted in a different way, less detail if you have images, highlights, what inspires you to read the full article.

The third level of content structure creates additional difficulties, since in this case the selected main menu, and the first level submenu contains more than one article. This must be re-design if the sub-category will be "sub-headings" with columns of articles, how to organize it. In either the individual articles, not the main menu (main)column should be organized to help navigate through the levels (breadcrumb).

Organize large amounts of content

In some cases, a large amount (or expanding) of the content to be processed, which is due to be installed in the structure further levels. If the old content is going down in one-level structure, it may be time to delete or known simply as "sinks". For this reason, you should archive, calendar, search, maybe random content inserted. The possibility to display random articles or around the boxes, thus giving a chance to the re-display of older articles (or titles).

Another option is to read a column or article appear in (side) the older articles about topics like automatic search result, assuming that the reader is interested in similar content but older articles.

If the article includes a large amount of image illustrations, it is wrong way to embedded all in the article. The pictures can be organized in a separated gallery, or embedded in the article only one image but organize multiple images as "Carousel". Although the "image carousel" can contains more than 5...10 pictures, more than that is good idea to embed, as it scrolls down, not to mention the fact that every single page, where the image is loaded. Even if only one visible at a time. If a particular topic (which may be one of the narrower sense of the article as well) includes hundreds of pictorial illustration, the the image carousel can be embedded in article or entering the gallery with more pictures.